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Drug Coupons

Drugs with letter U

Here follows an alphabetical list of drugs whose name start with U

Drug   Generic   Category

U Cort   hydrocortisone topical   aphthous stomatitis recurrent
U cort cream   hydrocortisone topical   aphthous stomatitis recurrent
U Foam    
U kera cream   urea topical   dermatological disorders
u tri lone     dermatological disorders
U Tri Lone injection   triamcinolone   adrenocortical insufficiency
U-Cort   hydrocortisone topical   dermatitis
U-Kera   urea topical   dermatological disorders
U-max Beauty   chitosan medium molecular weight (200...  
U-max Multi BB   allantoin  
U-max Whitening Functional Essence   allantoin  
U-max Wrinkle Serum   adenosine   supraventricular tachycardia
U-Tri-Lone     dermatological disorders
U-Tri-Lone injection   triamcinolone   adrenocortical insufficiency
U40 Foam   urea   dermatological disorders
UAD Caine   lidocaine injection   anesthesia
UAD Otic   hydrocortisone, neomycin, polymyxin b...   otitis externa
Uber Numb Topical Anesthetic   LIDOCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE  
ubiquinone   ubiquinone   dietary supplement
Ucerax Syrup    
Uceris   budesonide   gastrointestinal
Uceris extended-release tablets   budesonide   ulcerative colitis active
Uceris Tablets   budesonide   autoimmune hepatitis

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